Immerse yourself in the world of Zorro, re-imagined, rebooted, and brought to life in gorgeous HD environments. This is a darker, more action oriented Zorro that will sure to excite fans and newcomers alike. The sword of Zorro has always been a tool to vanquish his enemies. Use it now to not only disperse foes, but to make your mark in the world by swiping your finger across wanted posters throughout the many levels. 

Zorro shadow of vengeance.jpeg

A new villain has emerged. Captain Capastrano has made it personal and now Zorro must once again surrender to the mask and sink into the darker more violent world of his enemies. Navigate a complex 2D parallaxed environment using a number of special swiping techniques built for touchscreen devices and exact your vengeance on Captain Capistrano and his henchmen at long last.

- The interface and game controls take advantage of the intuitive use of swiping and finger tapping

- Unlockables: Unlock concept art that details how the game came to life 

- Immersive story and cinematics 

-Localized for Spanish speaking players

      • Be on the lookout for a new update that improves a lot of the things that folks wanted. The team is hard at work on these improvements and it should be ready in the coming days.***
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