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Birthdate: May 1, 1986
Profile: Zerok
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Aura: Writer
Level: Level 34
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Blam/Protect Rank: Corporal.png
Flash: BBS Awards 2008
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Zerok was a Forum Moderator from Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada, who works as a Social Media Consultant. He joined Newgrounds in 2000 and has a massive 26.2 K posts, as of March 2019. He also has one Front-Paged flash submission and eight mid-ranking audio submissions.

Forum Moderator[edit | edit source]

Zerok had been a forum moderator for a long time and posted THIS list of things he doesn't like and why; his interpretation of the BBS rules.

BBS Awards Submission[edit | edit source]

Zerok wrote the text for the 2008 BBS Awards Submission, which was Front Paged and got a daily 5th.

Personal[edit | edit source]

Zerok studied marketing at Dalhousie University, and now lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He self-publishes novels under the pseudonym "Julien Scrollhand" and his real name [1]. One of his novels, The Mountain Dancer, reached #7 on Wattpad's Fantasy list [2]. He is into geocaching


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