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Real Name: Wayne Colt
Birthdate: August 19th, 19xx
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Aura: Movie Buff
Level: Level 52
Movie Buff AuraLevel 52
Whistle: DeityWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Sup. Commander
Sup. Commander
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XwaynecoltX is mainly known as a reviewer on NG. He joined in 2001 and has been the top reviewer by number of reviews since 2002. XwcX usually writes quite short reviews but they are informative and, backed by years of experience, give basic information to thousands of authors. He is an award-winning author, involved in the Ghost Motel and Lazlow Radio series'. He also has a small number of audio submissions to his name.

Reviewing Edit

Quantity Edit

As of Jan 2010, XwaynecoltX has over 19,000 reviews- anything over 1,000 is noteworthy on NG and XwaynecoltX claims that he has been the top reviewer on NG since 2002. Other top reviewers may produce longer, more detailed reviews but 19 K reviews puts XwaynecoltX way out in front by shear numbers at least. XwaynecoltX boasts, statwhore-style about having been the first to reach many milestones in review numbers on his user page:

xwcx's user page

Quality/style Edit

XwaynecoltX has always produced useful, though often quite simple reviews. He has always used the same format of three sections entitled "Review"; "Things to Improve on" and "Overall"- he tends to end up giving 6 as a score to a lot of submissions! In the early days he was known for producing fairly short reviews. For example- a page from 2006 Since 2010 his reviews have tended to be larger and more detailed- for example a page from 2010.

Author Edit

XwaynecoltX has created a number of his own movies, including his Lazlow Radio series: xwcx's own movies He is probably better known for his voices in the multi-award-winning series "Ghost Motel". xwcx has 14 trophies.

Audio Edit

Just 2 audio, so far.

Late Night Lounge Edit

Wayne was the Topic Starter of the well-established club The Late Night Lounge, which is an updated and redeveloped recreation of a previous Lounge club. Wayne has been one of the leaders of this club since its creation.

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