"Wilhelm Park"
Author: redminus
Audio used:
Origin: 2/15/2011
Size: 23.1 MB
Score(As of 5/14/11): 4.45/5.00
Genre: Comedy-Original
Awards: Awards 5 Daily Feature

Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
Is this a horror or a love story?

I started this in mid October for the NG halloween thing, but once I realized I was going to miss the deadline I started taking my time. This probably took me around 3 months in total as there was definitely an entire month worth of screwing around and playing XBox Live arcade... THAT MONTH WAS WORTH IT THOUGH. I did all the animation and music and everything, BUT I had awesome help on the voice work from Caxx, which I couldn't have done without: m


Sorry about the filesize, and thanks a bazillion again to Tom for raising my limit, and for the front page and everything else. You are seriously the man. Even more than the Hulk. Seriously.


Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Wilhelm Park is a flash cartoon created by redminus.

Plot Edit

Wilhelm Park takes place one night in a suburban area. A boy is dropping off a girl at a bus stop after going out for the evening, joking about the various creatures of the night that would hypothetically attack them, such as vampires and werewolves. The boy then mentions a thing that has been lurking around the woods. He explains to the girl that there is supposedly a shape-shifting tentacle monster that hides in the woods and only comes out in the dark. The girl is creeped by the tale, especially since she has to walk through a park to get home.

After the girl gets on the bus, she sits alone, worrying about the monster. When she reaches her stop, she's alone in the dark with no way to contact anyone. While slowly walking through the forest, she sees a fiery moth and eyes behind her, and begins to run for safety. She eventually sees a streetlight in the distance, which she hopes will ward the creature off. When she finally reaches it though, the boy jumps out of the bushes, laughing to see her so startled. Apparently, he'd used a flashlight to fake the fiery face. The girl is annoyed, but is relieved that it wasn't a real monster.

Suddenly, she wonders aloud how the boy got there so quickly. In response, he explodes, a tentacle monster appearing in his place. Naturally, this terrifies the girl. It is then implied that the two have sex, much to their mutual satisfaction. The two get married and have a hybrid baby.

Presentation Edit

Reception Edit

It was immediately well recieved on Newgrounds, with Daily 1st and Weekly Users choice. It has a very high review score, well over 9/10.

Controversy Edit

Most reviewers give a standard review of 10/10 "Great" etc. However, a few express some discomfort at the apparent subject of "tentacle rape", despite the story ending with an indication that the girl was happy with her relationship with the monster. Most of those still give a high score overall.

Trivia Edit

  • The boy wears a Meat Boy shirt.
  • The final scenes in the movie are a parody of tentacle rape, a common device used in Japanese horror and erotica.
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