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Wikigrounds is a wiki started by NG User:Fire and initially run by a Newgrounds user team from the previous wikis to gather information about The wiki started in December of 2006, shortly after the old one hosted at closed down. Although it fell into a period of stagnation, it was kept afloat by Inclusivedisjunction alone for two years and has been active again since November 2009. As of 2011, this is the only wiki for

Previous Newgrounds Wikis

A number of other attempts have been made to create a wiki for NG both before and after the start of this one, none of those ones being successful. They have generally suffered from vandalism, lack of agreement, planning and promotion, then finally, apathy.

Promotion and a new Beginning

The Wikigrounds Club

A new team of editors decided to try and snowball attention and editing on this wiki to the point where it was self-sustaining. Previous attempts to do this on this and previous wikis were stymied by vandalism and apathy. It was decided in 2010 to make a thread on Newgrounds, which all BBS post could direct to; an on-going series of monthly competitions; contact with other NG-related wikias and contact with Staff. The team examined the wiki from the point of view of the viewer and concluded that there was too much editing by people just writing pages about themselves etc. so the team wrote about aspects of Newgrounds other than people and submissions, creating pages about the working and finance of NG, related websites, and pages about all the features, pages and awards etc. as well.


After various BBS events in the beginning of 2010, the site finally got recognition from various significant people:

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