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This is an official policy of Wikigrounds. Please adhere to these guidelines.

As most NG users know, some people or groups on Newgrounds are known to spam websites. According to Wikia, several attempts at a Newgrounds wiki had to be shut down "due to legal reasons" because of the extreme amounts of spam.

We decided to institute several rules on Wikigrounds, which are strict, but will help in preventing large amounts of spam.

  • Spamming an article, very small amount - Warning first time, 3 day ban after that
  • Spamming an article more than once, or spamming multiple articles-5 day ban for each article spammed each time.
  • Extremely large amount of spam-Permaban.
  • Participating in a spam attack-Permaban. We will also report you to your ISP.
  • Spamming pornographic, malicious or gross content-Permaban. If it is bad enough, we will report you to your ISP. If it is illegal, we will report you to the FBI.

NOTE-an admin can ban you as long as he/she feels necessary. If we discover that certain groups (I.E. Clock Crew, Star Syndicate, etc.), are spamming the site, all IPs associated with that group will be permabanned.