This is a complete set of Wikigrounds policies. These are the official policies of Wikigrounds. Listed by priority.

WG:SRULES[edit source]

Full title:Wikigrounds:Simplified Ruleset

General Wikigrounds etiquette and behavior. Think of it as a guide to editor conduct.

WG:STANDARDS[edit source]

Full title:Wikigrounds:Article Standards

Stuff about writing good articles and how not to write crap. It is suggested you read this before editing.

WG:RULES[edit source]

Full title:Wikigrounds:Rules

This is the official set of rules for Wikigrounds. All users must adhere to this policy if they wish to edit. It outlines what NOT to do on Wikigrounds, and the resulting consequences.

WG:PROTECT[edit source]

Full title:Wikigrounds:Protected page

Protected page policy.

WG:RfP[edit source]

Full title:Wikigrounds:Requests for promotion

Not to be confused with WG:RfP/uP, this is for nominating users.

WG:N[edit source]

Full title:Wikigrounds:Notability

Standard for determining the notability of a certain user.

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