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This wiki is all about Newgrounds, the most important Flash site in the world! We aim to have articles on all the most important things on NG- The top authors; the most important Flash Cartoons; the major series; the most addictive games; the key info on the BBS, the most noteworthy users etc. etc.

We are a lot more relaxed than Wikipedia but we do want to be informative and we don't want a load of abusive drivel, so although we welcome people who come and explore and chip in with the key material that makes NG the great place it is... please take any spamming/trolling crap elsewhere- Our admin. visit many times a day, checking all changes and your vanity edits won't last more than a few hours at best.

The Team

If you want to join the team, then make a Profile and get editing. If you want to join our projects you can. If you make a good impression you can become an admin. here, which may help you to become a wiki editor for Newgrounds- a number of us are. That may help you to become a Mod there too!

Icedragon64 20:43, March 28, 2011 (UTC)