Wick Editor is an open-source tool currently in development, which allows the user to create interactive projects, as well as animations. The interface is very similar to Adobe Flash, but it does not use Flash Player for the exported project, this means it will be a useful tool when support for Adobe Flash comes to an end.

Currently, as of 17th August 2019, the Wick Editor does not allow the exporting of a video, only animated gifs, however it is a feature coming soon and will export as a .webm file.

Newgrounds SupportEdit

A Game Jam[1] was launched by Tom Fulp on May 17th 2019 to promote the use of the editor for Newgrounds. In addition to hosting a game jam, the API[2] was also added by PsychoGoldfish, adding to the growing list of alternative platforms Newgrounds is supporting with its API tools.


Wick Editor is supported by a number of organisations through grants and donations; additionally they have a Patreon page[3] for any individuals to support them on an ongoing basis if they so wish.

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