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"Whack a Dicklett!"
Author: igor
Audio used: William Tell
Origin: 06/01/2000
Size: 297.2 KB
Score(As of 3 August 2010): 3.31/5.00
Awards: None
Author's comments:
Gotta whack em all!
Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Whack A Dicklett! is a Flash game by igor. It is a parody of the Pokemon, and is one of several "Pokemon-Killing" games on NG. The gameplay is derived from the arcade game Whac-A-Mole.


The goal of the game is to hit as many "Dickletts," a misspelling of "Digletts," as possible within a minute. Apparently, the misnomer comes from the Diglett's appearance, which is vaguely similar to that of an erect human penis, or dick. As Dickletts come out of the five holes on the screen, players need only click them in order to hit them. Occasionally, a Dugtrio, or group of three Digletts, will emerge. Hitting a Dugtrio will get get the player three points instead of one. The game records how many hits the player has and how many Dickletts they've missed, as well as the time remaining.


Note the Dugtrio in the middle, which is worth three points.

Like most games of the era, Whack a Dicklett! has a Spartan presentation. However, the Dickletts and Dugtrios closely resemble official artwork for the Pokemon franchise. A remix of the William Tell Overture plays in the background.


Whack a Dicklett has over 687,000 views and an average review of 8.1/10 as of May 2011. This makes it igor's second most viewed submission, with only Pokémon Snotlax, another Pokemon parody, coming ahead.

Play it here