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The title characters, doing as they do.

Weebl and Bob is a cartoon series created by TheWeebl in 2003 beginning with Weebl and Bob: Pie. He is also the creator of On The Moon and Cat Face, each some fairly popular series on Newgrounds. Weebl and Bob gained popularity all over the internet on their own site, YouTube and Weebl's Stuff. They even got their own Wikipedia pages as well as On The Moon and Cat Face. 


The style is usually done wth a pink background and Weebl and Bob are trying something extremely weird such as making their own club or rock band with jars of jam. They are extremely addicted to pie especially Weebl. At times Bob can be much smarter than Weebl as he gets into crazy accidents most notably, Weebl and Bob: Armageddon.


He started out with simple flashes like the first few with Weebl and Bob just talking to each other about weird things, most famously pie. Users found that pretty funny and just imagined what he could do if he really tried. The original movies were not overnight success- it was a while before they got Awards, though they now have very high scores. He got into more detailed stuff and even made a comedy trilogy called Weebl and Bob: Pikea where they had to get into a convenience store. Eventually he made Goovies which he would start in 2008 and is currently making them. Goovies feature Cream Egg's with Weebl and Bob and would be parody's of movies. Some fans say Weebl and Bob went downhill like Foamy's Rant, a popular Newgrounds Flash Series. But every so often TheWeebl makes a hit with these classic characters, same thing with Foamy's rant.


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