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Profile: WavyGravy
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Aura: Audiophile
Level: Level 58
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Whistle: GoldWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Lt. General
Lt. General
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WavyGravyOnFries is a Review Moderator from Hawaii and an architecture student.

Moderator Edit

WavyGravy explained a lot about why reviews were moderated as they were in Malachy's review thread.

WavyGravy on the BBS Edit

WavyGravy drops in to all sort of subjects to offer advice, advising on anything from computers; explanations of Review mod processes; right down to personal guidance. He always puts in a link showing where they might find answers if the answer to someone's problem is not in the post. He is also keen on the Level Up Lounge, congratulating people and commenting on Stats. In total, he has over 3,800 BBS posts.


Art/Animation Edit

The one piece of art he submitted suggests that he is experienced at using architectural programs. He shows art in his BBS posts that also indicate an interest in geometric designs. He has been tinkering with a 3D animation for a long time, and plans to submit it eventually.

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