"Warriors of the Portal"
Author: Osuka
Audio used: N/A
Origin: 04/30/201126.5 MB
Size: N/A
Score(As of 22 May, 2011): 4.49/5.00
Awards: Awards 5.gifDaily Feature

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Awards 1.gifWeekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
EDIT: OMG Thanks everyone for the amazing Reviews and critics, the information helps me a lot

"Deflektor" told me that he will upload the music to the Audio Portal Soon, for the peoplo who liked the soundtrack

Happy Birthday Tom, And Happy Pico Day Everyone

"The NG Characters have been locked in cells, the doors will open one by one and they must kill every oponent if they want to survive"

NOTE: About the "C-c-combor Breaker" and "Perspective change" medal, Timing is really important to unlock them, the clues are on the medal description

This movie have 2 endings, that will appear randomly (50%-50%) Thanks for the Medal Aprooval Psycho Goldfish

I want to thanks to Jorma Poyer, Jose Ortiz, Josiah Brooks, Victor Fiore, Chris Voigt, Jeff Bandelin and Jose Ferrin. This was a freaking amazing experience doing this movie during this months. I hope to see you all on PicoDay2012

Technical Information -Modeling Time: 6months -Animation Time: 4 months

Software used: -Autodesk 3D Studio Max (Modeling and Animation) -Vray (Rendering) -Adobe After Effects (Compositing) -Adobe Photoshop (Textures) -Adobe Premiere (Editing) -Adobe Soundbooth (Audio)

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Title page to Warriors of the Portal.

Warriors of the Portal is a flash movie that was submitted on 2011's Pico Day.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The movie begins with different well-known Newgrounds characters waking up inside a maze, with Pico on loudspeakers instructing them to kill each other; he remarks that only one of them can leave. The characters then proceed to fight to the death. At the end, Gigantor from Facebook Twitter and Mindchamber, a character created by the staff member of the same name, are the last two fighters. The winner of their duel is actually a 50-50 chance. There is two known ways to guarantee a winner (Hold G for Gigantor/M for MindChamber or go to Scene Selection and see who is shown on the left, that person will win[1]). Once either of them has won, Pico will show up and announce that he pitted them against each other to kill them off and become King of the Portal. It ends with the winner about to attack Pico, who is about to defend himself.

Extras[edit | edit source]

Despite being a movie, it has many hidden interactive parts that come with medals, anywhere from keeping a character alive a bit longer to an alternate ending/scene. A list of them can be found many places, one of them here.

Medals[edit | edit source]


Reception[edit | edit source]

Warriors of the Portal got first place in the Pico Day contest, and won $1500.[2] It also received many other non-event awards, including Weekly Users' Choice, Review Crew Pick and Daily Feature.

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