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"War On Terrorism"
Author: Denni (Thorsten)
Audio used: None
Origin: 12/27/2001
Size: 673.4 KB
Score(As of October 1, 2011): 3.58 / 5.00
Awards: Awards 5.gifDaily Feature
Author's comments:
Just adding to the evergrowing influx of Bin Laden Material.

No better way to kill time... er Taliban.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

War On Terrorism is a Flash Game by Denni. It is a First Person Shooter made shortly after the United States invaded Afghanistan under the military codename Operation Enduring Freedom.


War on Terrorism is a stationary First Person shooter, in which players attack enemies from a set point. It has four separate levels, each of which is fairly distinct. The first level is called "Terrorist Camp." In this level, the player attacks a camp full of enemy soldiers, who run onto the screen. The second level, "Cave Recon," is similar, but features multiple enemies at a time, some of whom take cover. The third level, "Hostage Rescue," is a sniping mission. Players have to take out all of the guards without setting off the alarm. The last level is called "Bin Laden Capture," in which the player beats up a defenseless Osama Bin Laden.


The main control for War on Terrorism is the mouse, which is used to aim and fire the gun. Two missions, "Hostage Rescue" and "Bin Laden Capture," feature unique controls. In the first, players can zoom in on a target using the s key, which is necessary for accurate shooting. They can press the s key again to zoom out and look around. "Capture Bin Laden" abandons the shooting mechanic completely, and instead has controls similar to a boxing game. The A and S keys punch with the left hand, while the D and F keys punch with the right.


The fist fight with Osama Bin Laden is considered one of the game's high points.

The game's enemies are stereotypical caricatures of Arabs, Muslims, and terrorists. However, the art style is fairly realistic, and enemies and backgrounds are drawn with a fair amount of detail. A variety of sound effects are used, but no music is featured in the game.


War On Terrorism was extremely well received on Newgrounds, due to the solid gameplay and many of the Newgrounds community's anger at Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, and al Qaeda after the events of 9/11 . As of September 2010, the game has over 9.1 million views and an average review of 8.9/10. The game won the Daily Feature award and is featured in three collections: Flash Portal History, Shooting Games, and War on Terror, which uses this game's icon.

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