Hello everyone, and welcome to Otisman's Anti-Consumerism blog. Wikigrounds may not be the best place to post this if I want it to make a difference, so I'm using it as a practice of sorts for when I have my own website to rant on.

Anyhoo, let's get started:

What is Consumerism? Well, the phrase began as a way to describe the system of trading, bartering, and buying things.

However, in modern times, the word has been used to instead describe how EVERYTHING in our modern lives, especially in rich countries like the good old US of A, is turned into a product. Look around. Even on the internet, popular memes such as "OVER 9000!" and "O RLY?" have been turned into T-shirts and other products to turn a profit. Nothing gets my blood boiling like seeing some person walking down the street, prominently displaying the words "NIKE", "ADIDAS", "NEW YORK YANKEES", "POLAND SPRINGS", etc. like a freaking walking billboard. And the saddest part is, we all allow ourselves to be walking billboards like this. We buy useless CRAP, and then we consume it. Then we want more, and more, AND MORE, so we consume even more of this crap, putting our money in the pockets of rich asshats in suits. Eventually, we are so infatuated with the company's product, we begin to display it on our shirts, hats, shoes, purses, cars (I'd like to shake the hand of the Einstein who invented bumper stickers), hell even HOUSES. This prompts other people to buy the company's CRAP, and the system goes all around all over again.

So comrades, make a difference. Cross out logos on your clothes, tear off the labels of your water bottles, and start spreading anti-consumerism in your own town. Together, we can stop this endless cycle of useless consuming, once and for all.