We are into December and due to the absence of other admin on the site at the moment, we haven't changed anything. I have decided to give the very active Tyler a role here:

Tyler- you can choose this month's Theme from one of these three posibilities- chosen for their relative simplicity and their potential to improve the wiki for Wikia Promotion.

1. Pictures on Pages II This would up our pictures to 2 per page. We would be looking for LOGICAL and APPROPRIATE additional pix for our pages, not just the first thing that hasty statwhores can find! For example if a game has one icon picture, then an apt screenshot would be logical; if a User has one cartoony pic, then a complimentary photo would be apt. Screenshots are easy- ask if you don't know how. Bearing in mind that many pages HAVE 2 pix, we might just manage to hit the 2 pix target if only the rest of the team come back!

2. Weekly Winners. As Spain said when he proposed it, all Weekly Users Choice medalist submissions are Notable, by definition, so provided these are NOT STUBS, we will be building on the average quality of pages considerably if we go for this.

3. Staff. This would be a relatively simple task, but we MUST do it properly. No statements without refs, nothing rude or provocative- Remember that these are the people who could be Proffesionally affected by what we say about them. Use Wade's page as a guide to the order of the sections. Quality not quantity- what can we find out that is NOT obvious on the User page? Look at their News, their BBS, their own websites. Research Meets to find pix etc. Probably the most important thing that we should be saying is exactly what these people DO for NG.

I will NOT be involved in this month's theme at all. I have carried this wiki too much lately and I MUST get on with other things. The ONLY thing I will be doing is checking and correcting other people's work this month.

Tyler - you may also choose the Monthly Question we will ask in WI/HT, but check with me first. If it seems logical and apt then you can post the question in mid December.

Finally- Tyler you can officially decide who won the Stubs competition last month- though if you don't give it to me, I would want to see some evidence of why not cos I did SHIP LOADS !!

Tyler- announce the winner of Last months on the Thread, in one post, then come back the next day and announce your decision of what is the new Theme for December. Put links into each post, then GO FOR IT!

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