A typical list of a user's favorite games. Note how this user chose to alphabetize their favorites.

User Favorites are the submissions and submitters that a User chooses to put on lists on their User Page. The list is viewable to others, showing people their preferences. The action of 'Faving' a submission is recorded for the submission so that Newgrounds stores data on how many people have 'fav'ed the submission. Likewise, submitters on the various Portals can see who fav'ed them or their submissions.

The User Favorite Feature, for the User Edit

Newgrounds users can favorite any flash movie, game, or by clicking on the "favorite" button in the info box. Artwork can be favorited using the button just below each image. Content creators can be favorited by clicking the small heart-shaped button next to their names. Once someone or something has been favorited, it automatically goes to the top of the user's appropriate "Favorites" lists. Artists will appear in the Favorite Art Creators list, Musical tracks can be found under the Favorite Audio Submissions list, and so on. By clicking the edit button on any of these lists, users can rearrange them to their liking. Oddly enough though, movies and games are edited as a group, despite being on two different lists. This may be related to the similar origins of Flash games and movies, as many early flash works on Newgrounds were simply interactive movies.

Users can view and edit their Favorites on their account page. The Configure Favorites section is lets users view any artists or submissions they have identified as a favorite. If they want to simply view one of these lists, they are also displayed on your User Page. If favorites are deleted from a list, there is no automatic way to rebuild the list.

Favorites for Authors

View of Authors Page with Fav's

Favorites, for the Author Edit

On their User Page, an author can go into their Flash Portal Options- Flash Submissions Page and a list of all their movies is diplayed, including the number of Favorites for each. By clicking on the word Favorite on any submission, a list of Users who have favorited the submission will appear.

User Favorite Statistics Edit

Although the popularity of the User Favorites amongst Newgrounds users is not entirely clear, it is known that many submissions have been favorited thousands of times, and many users have a considerable number of favorites. On the Flash Portal Statistics Page, it is revealed that seven submissions have been favorited at least 20,000 times. Several entries on this list also show up on the "Most Reviews" and "Most Voted On" lists, though, curiously enough, not the "Most Viewed" list.[1] At least one user has over 700 favorite submissions.[2]

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