Spain-Blitz is off

Alien Hominid Mini This user loves games. Very very very much.
Just a regular user who doesn't use Newgrounds so often, but has been made an admin in Wikigrounds. Despite that modest description, he has a Deity Whistle and a TON of games medals on NG.

About meEdit

I'm a spanish guy who actually writes decently in English. No really, most spanish people SUCK ASS at English.

I usually patrol here regularly, although I edit irregularly- I do a Spain-Blitz from time to time (lots of work in a short term) followed by general laziness.

Current objectivesEdit

Organise and sort out Cats :)

De-stub stub articles.

Create articles for notable flash games.

  • SHIFT series
  • The Breach
  • Super Mario 63
  • Depict1

Strong pointsEdit

Flash Games


Figuring out things

Adding letters to words

Weak pointsEdit


Creating new articles

Flash movies


About Him Edit

Spaintendo is a vital part of the team which has transformed this wiki from a neglected backwater to a popular source of information. Spain, as he says, tends to work in short bursts of major activity; however he is always on call to help out if we are stuck. He has played an important part in reorganising the wiki and the big blast of pictures he uploaded in one month transformed the look of our pages. We can give him a list of jobs to do and he quietly gets on with them, or he can be involved in creative forward planning. His organisation of the Categories has made the whole process of categorising much more meaningful and useful.

Icedragon64 01:44, January 1, 2011 (UTC)

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