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Stick Arena

Stick Arena is a online multiplayer flash game by Flash developer XGen Studios. It is unique in that it has no single player mode; you are always fighting against a real person. A demo version of the game was submitted to Newgrounds on August 8, 2006, won Daily 3rd Place, and has over 500,000 views. The full version on XGen's site includes 4 unique servers, a rankings system, and the ability to create your own room to play in.


Stick Arena has 6 different weapons to use, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Note: Ammo is infinite for all weapons in the game.

  • Katana - The Japanese weapon, otherwise known as a sword. Causes a small amount of damage, but can be swung very rapidly.
  • AK-47 - A medium-sized gun, noted for its use by Al Capone and his gang. Fires off three bullets at a time, and causes an average amount of damage.
  • Sledgehammer - The most powerful weapon in the game, it kills players in one hit. It takes a long time to reuse compared to other weapons.
  • Shotgun - The second most powerful weapon in the game, it kills players in two hits. When in use, it significantly slows a player down.
  • Baseball bat - A traditional wooden bat. Causes more damage than the katana, but takes a little longer to reuse.
  • Glock - A smaller gun than the other two, it causes a minimal amount of damage, but rapid-fires much faster.
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