LollerCupcake (sometimes affectionately referred to as LollerFagSteak) is an INTERNET SUPERSTAR who once frequented Newgrounds and occasionally made Flash when he found inspiration. He co-founded the Socom Squad with r0ms in January 2007 and was a member and its head administrator until the expiration of on 2009-07-06.

LollerCupcake, co-founder of the Socom Squad
Account Created: 2005-09-01
Profile: [1]
Alts: SocomSquad, BeefStewGravy
Aura: Dark
Level: DarkLevel27 Level 27
Whistle: BronzeWhistle Bronze
Blam/Protect Rank: Private Private
Flash: Complete Listing
Audio: None

Status on NewgroundsEdit

  • Liked: Trippy stuff, Flash that's actually good instead of what the majority believes is good
  • Loathed: Sprite flash, Madness tributes, Wapanese flash, One-framers, First Flashes

LollerCupcake had been browsing Newgrounds since 2001. His current account had existed for almost 4 years at the time of writing, and semi-active depositing and B/Ping during that time escalated his status and ego to high society. He has seen the rise and fall of many Clock-based spinoff groups, including the Glock Group, Uzi Union, Bomb Brigade, Gear Group, Atom Association, Kitty Krew, Socom Squad, and countless others (including some short-lived groups like the Beretta Brotherhood and Camera Cult). He also witnessed the coming and passing of many fads and fad series including PH33R flashes, Tankmen tributes, {shape} and {shape} (dear god why did that ever have to exist), and when the Socom Squad was cool.

His personal philosophy on animating for Newgrounds is best summed up by this quote from a review left on one of his Glock flashes:
"What I truly like about these submissions is to read the comments and replies that will come afterwards, which at least for me, is the whole point about them. Cheers!" - DamianDC, 2006-03-15

Groups, Achievements, and AwardsEdit


Throughout the ages, LollerCupcake has been known by many other names, including:

Flash Group NamesEdit

  • MMS (Monstar Movie Spookathon) Clock, created 2005/08
  • ArachnotronClock, created 2005/11
  • BatSphere, created for a 5-member anti-spinoff spinoff group that was active during 2005/11 to 2006/04
  • SaltyJelloGlock, created 2006-01-29 for the Molotov Time Trials, which are no longer on the Flash Portal.
  • CreatureLock, created 2006-03-20 to participate in the UnLocked Collab.
  • LollerCupcakeGlock, created 2006-05-10 as a spinoff of RoflMuffin
  • BadlyTracedMountainDewGlock, created to parody another GG member who had 3 glock characters.
  • RaspberryChalk (Chalk Clan), 2006-06-08
  • BlackberrySocom, created 2007/01 for the Socom Squad
  • KazakhstanSocom, created 2007/04 as a Socom alt
  • BeefStewGravy, created 2007/05 for the Gravy Gangsters
  • BlackberryBrunch, created 2008/06 for the Brunch Bunch, a parody spinoff group that never existed.

LollerCupcake elsewhere on the InternetEdit

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