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Hi guys! I'm KillerCRS of newgrounds. Currently, I am KillerCHRISTMAS, to go with the holiday spirit.

How I got hooked on Newgrounds[]

I started going on NG when I was 9 (2002). I enjoyed the assassain games, and Pico's school, and the bits of music everywhere. Back then, mind you, Newgrounds was a much more child friendly place then it is today.

You see, I was directed to Newgrounds through there affiliates,, and While looking through the links, I saw a dude on a tank, and I clicked it accidently. I was then taken to the front page. Which was...less..."detailed" then it is today. I saw a button at the top that said "collections" and inside of that, one that said "Video Games". I started watching a MegaMan vs Mario flash, and enjoyed it.

The next day though, I clicked collections again, and something odd poped-up. A PORNO ADD. My mom was wactching me at the time, and banned me from ever going on NG again.


3 Years later[]

We got a new computer without the "Website block" feature, and I could go on NG whenever the hell I wanted. So, I did, and made an account called "I_Am_Chris".

I'm not sure why I made it, all I ever did was watch flash, I didn't even vote...Untill...Tom Fulp (the webmaster of Newgrounds, incase some asshole was wondering) said all usernames couldn't have Underscores. So, I changed my name to "C-Bouy." because C-Boy was taken.

So basically, I stumbled on to the BBS and started posting on the forums; AT THE AGE OF 12. No one knew I was 12, except for some people.

My 13th Birthday[]

After 3 months of BBS-ing, I turned 13. I finally told everyone that I was 12 a month earlier, and wasn't flamed.

The reversed republic[]

I asked rupee clock if I would make it as a clock, and he said probably not. I was frustrated, but not beat.

I then hated the clockcrew, so it was decided that i was gonna join a new crew, and bring it off the ground, then leave. I was searching general, and saw a thread about someone pondering on what thier clock name should be. Then i saw two of the people (don-turkey and eastern-threat) starting a thing called the "crew-clock" And I said...huh...maybe...after awhile, I couldn't take it. I PMed clock-strawberry (you know, when he WASN'T a faggot) and asked if I could be clock-canuck. He said sure, but you have to sign up at the forums.

I was about to, then I noticed something odd. a banner that said "Hacked by Zim! Newgrounds name: E. I was out raged. I then PMed clock-strawberry about it, and asked if it were ok that I wanted to change my name to clock-canada, he was shocked at the forum hacking, but then said sure. I joined the new forums, as clockcanada, member no. 5 or something like that, but my name was changed to EEEEEEE, forcing me to make a new account. Now, I am member number 10, which makes me sad. Awhile later, I was promoted to moderator, then super moderator, on the day of the spam war. What a day this was, october 21, 2006. NEVA FORGET. i used all of my banning power to stop them, and served well.

Later, Kyo promoted me to admin, then I did my "Admin day thing" the day when I was de-moted back to super mod. That very same day, CSB reported that we aren't a crew anymore, and was fired from the forums.

To make myself an admin again, I remebered an account that was there for backup called (and simply called) "Clock". I changed "Clock"'s password to lock before I was de-moted, so I logged in as clocked, and promoted myself again