As I have explained in previous posts, I need to back off and get other things done, such as working on my book and possibly some more animation for NG, along with a little more time for my Crew and more time with my gf. Having assisted the wiki to reach the key point of 500 Pages, I have left the day-to-day running of the wiki for the forseable future. I hope that the team we have put in place will continue to use the Club thread and monthly competitions and promotions to increase awareness of the wiki, which has prospered with such promotion in the last two years. If you wish to contact me, do so, otherwise, I have removed Wikgrounds from my Favorites.

I am a Wikipedia editor, by the same name, as well as an award winning author and top reviewer on NG, also with the same name. I am one of the main workers on the NG page on Wikipedia. I am also admin on WikiLock, Clock Crew Wiki and Wikittykrew. I am the main author and organiser of the Dragons & Spirits, a small crew on NG. As a leader of a crew with a policy of friendliness to other crews, I intend to see to it that crews are fairly represented here on Wikigrounds.

I am a bit of a wikidragon- meaning that I tend to believe in throwing an article together to get things started and inviting others to help build on it. While Wikigrounds is young, we will need this to make people take notice, but articles need to be quickly brought up to a reasonable standard if we want to gain respect.

Reviews/Review Responses

I write a lot of Reviews. If I have something to say I have to say it- especially if I don't think anyone else is saying it. I am therefore in the Top 50 Reviewers on Newgrounds and in the Top 30 for Review Responses. However, I don't write reviews for a statistic and I don't usually follow where I am in any tables, I just like giving information etc. That's why I'm here!


I am a published writer- I have a small number of published short stories and one of them was used as a script for a successful short film "Don't Just Lie There"- shown at the Palm Springs Shortfest in 2008 and a winner in the International Tres Court Festival in 2009.

About Him

Icedragon64 is the resident old man of Wikigrounds. Picking up where the Old Gods of Wikigrounds left off, he maintained the good work they had done and led the renaissance that has turned Wikigrounds into one of the best sources of Newgrounds related knowledge. He is the only one so far that has been able to maintain a sucessful Newgrounds Wiki. He'll also steer you in a certain direction and leave you to edit forever as a slave to help his wiki :)


CC LL DS This user likes crews.

Whilst we have had a month with crews as theme, since nobody else worked on them, they are far from complete, though they have proportionally enough time/space devoted to them on this wiki for the present. For info on crew work go:



Pages without Pix




Winds of Change

TOFA & competitions


Dead End Pages

Lucky Star

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Lets get this in perspective:

  • Krinkels has 35 awards including 9 Weekly 1sts. Over 2,000 are awarded EVERY YEAR- One little award is nothing.
  • Top submissions have Millions of views. 20 thousand is nothing.
  • NG gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a day, the BBS is just a small part of the site. Dozens of the most regulars have over 10K posts, so 4K posts is nothing.
  • Top reviewers have over a thousand reviews - a few hundred short reviews are nothing.
  • I have a small award, over 1.3 K reviews, hundreds of replies, and 2 submissions in collections. I am the main organiser for a crew on Newgrounds and I was one of the most important people on Wikigrounds. However, I don't have a Page here because compared to the really important people I am NOT Notable.

We want people to feel that they are exploring a site of Notable, Interesting pages- that our wiki is SELECT. You can write a page about anything true and non-offensive you like. Just don't be surprised if I DELETE your page without hesitation if its


Icedragon64 00:39, March 28, 2010 (UTC)

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