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Profile: UltraBear
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 25
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Whistle: NormalWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Police Officer.png
Police Officer
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Ultrabear is a joke account made on Halloween, 2001, that was given moderator status in late 2008 and and appears to have become inactive since April 2009.

About UltraBear[edit | edit source]

He claims to be from Sitkalidak, an island in Alaska. After being made a moderator, he has had 11 BBS posts, one news post, and, surprisingly, a respectable number of experience and blam and protect points, which suggest that the account was frequently used.

Worst Mod??[edit | edit source]

When, on the BBS awards, no one can think of a position for worst mod, they usually put Ultrabear on it.

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