Real Name: Tyler Glaiel
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Aura: Game Developer
Level: Level 28
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Flash: Aether


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Tyler Glaiel is the head programmer and designer of the site Glaiel Games and is a popular Flash game maker at Newgrounds. He lives in San Diego, California.

Flash[edit | edit source]

Since submitting his first game in 2005, Tyler Glaiel has made dozens of games, about half of which received awards. Tyler was initially known for the game Magnetism. However, his reputation is also built upon collaborations with some of Newgrounds' best known authors. These include Supersoldier, a collaboration with Dan Paladin, Aqua Slug, a game made with BoMToons inspired by the Metal Slug series of Run n' Gun shooters, and Aether, an art game made with Bluebaby which was nominated for the Tank Awards in 2008.

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Tyler Glaiel has programmed robots in the past for a science project.[1] He is also an Eagle Scout, the highest honor in the Boy Scouts of America.[2] Tyler is interested in the idea of games being art, which was one of the things that led to his work on Aether.[3] Apparently, he also leans to the left in politics.[4][5]

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