TurdClock is a multi-award winning author of Clock flashes in the traditional style. However, his character, Turd Clock, the faithful, but fed-up servant of Strawberry Clock, is probably better known than the user himself.


TurdClock has been making quality Clock Crew submissions, with story, full animation etc. since 2003 and has won a string of daily's and a weekly award. His animation style uses proper hands for his Clocks; Strawberry's are sometimes even shown with yellow strawberry seeds on them. His Clocks bounce properly and his animation users various angles. His flash stories usually revolve around Strawberry Clock, often with himself as SBC's servant. TurdClock's movies are almost all about the Clock Crew, with the odd exception and, as his name suggests, often have something to do with faeces.

TurdClock's Flash Submissions

Turd Clock, the character

Turd Clock has been portrayed in hundreds of Clock Flashes, almost always as Strawberry Clock's faithful servant, being ordered to do things rudely by SBC, and being treated badly, often being hit. His Speakonia voice is traditionally deeper than SBC and his most well-known phrase is probably "But Master..." as he tries to explain something, which Strawberry always interupts rudely. Dozens of different authors have included Turd Clock in their stories, such as this Clock Day sub from 2006

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