TrueWolfully is a Newgrounds user who makes music and pixel art from a free software.

Before he started Newgrounds, his two songs (Crazy Tubes and Wild Tubes) were uploaded somewhere else (YouTube) sometime before they were uploaded to his main platform Newgrounds. But when he did, they were only a minute-long.

He also posted his pixel art somewhere else as well, (Instagram) but not the same place as his music. He started doing pixel art sometime in 2019, Nurah and Ashlynn were the first ones he's ever created, except they were both called "The Nurse" and "The Ash Hoarder" because he never thought he would be able to share his work anywhere. But then in late 2020 he decided to share his work to the public on Instagram, one or two months before he moved-in to Newgrounds to make that his main and exclusive-content platform.

To this day, he still lives-on to make songs and pixel art, including attempting animation.

What made him join the platform? Just a few days before he joined, he considered Newgrounds to be "The best platform that people are missing-out on, including me..." when he first started his Newgrounds account, he was just posting music and pixel art, he wanted to try new things too... now a few months later he's attempting an animation series, but he says it might not be good because it's "choppy" and he's doing the series alone. However he did get someone to voice in it through a game chat, the actor said something about the OC's that will supposedly appear in the show.

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