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Aura: Musician
Level: Level 22
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Flash: Sketch Collab 2020
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Troisnyx is a musician, visual artist and Audio Moderator on Newgrounds. She is 29 and lives in Lancashire, in the north of England. She was given Audio Moderator powers in December 2015 to help with the influx of illegal uploads, primarily coming from Geometry Dash users.

Submissions[edit | edit source]

As of February 2021, Troisnyx has submitted 234 music pieces to the Audio Portal. One of most popular song, Capriccio "Bullet Heaven", an orchestral remake of tracks written by Phyrnna for the game Bullet Heaven, has over 400 downloads. She has since collaborated twice with Phyrnna, doing vocal remakes of her pieces. One such remake, A Breeze From Home ~ Vocal Ver., was featured as a superboss theme in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

Two of her tracks, namely Uplift and Nightfall, have been played on BBC Radio.

She currently has a total of 183 art submissions.

Troisnyx has a total of eight games and nine movies in which she is credited, primarily with music. The only game for which she did part of the artwork was Oni Yu Can Scare Them, a Ludum Dare entry submitted in 2015. She, along with 119 others, also took part in the Newgrounds 20th Anniversary Collab, a massive compilation of movies, games, writing, artwork and audio to celebrate Newgrounds' 20th anniversary in 2015. In 2019, she produced a vocal version of Phyrnna's Estavius for the 10th anniversary celebration of Epic Battle Fantasy. In 2020, she composed the music for the Sketch Collab that year: a five-minute song titled A Stroll Down St Pancras.

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