Template:Flash collab Tremerz is a game created by Tom Fulp and JohnnyUtah, which was released on April 1, 2010, as part of the Kevin Bacon April Fools Day prank. The game was advertised on the front page as part of a "Kevin Bacon Double Feature" along with Wild River. The game is based off the 1990 action/comedy film Tremors starring Kevin Bacon, which spawned several sequels.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is very short, and involves the player (Kevin Bacon) rescuing various people from large worm-like monsters that shoot out of the ground and go after the player's party. You control your character train with the mouse. Once you find and collide into a character, he joins your party, and follows you. The object is to rescue all five characters and yourself. Jumping off the cliff will count as a death, and will force the player to restart the game.


Medals[edit | edit source]

  • VALENTINE-Guide Valentine to safety.(10 points)
  • BURT-Guide Bert to safety.(25 points)
  • EARL-Guide Earl to safety.(25 points)
  • HEATHER-Guide Heather to safety.(25 points)
  • MELVIN-Guide Melvin to safety.(25 points)
  • MINDY-Guide Mindy to safety.(25 points)
  • BROS B4 HOES-Round up the troops.(50 points)

    The end with the worm-like monsters falling trough a hole and white text appearing on the screen saying: "CAN YOU FLY , YOU SUCKER?"followed by another two worm monsters.

  • LADIES MAN-Only save the women.(50 points)
  • WORM MASTER-Rescue everyone!(100 points)

335 points total.

Reception[edit | edit source]

Considering the game's 24 hour development time and brevity, Tremerz was surprisingly well received. By May 2011, about a year after submission, Tremerz had received over 780,000 views on Newgrounds, and maintained an average review score of 9.1/10. The game was also won the Daily Feature award, and eventually was voted the third best game of April, losing only to the legendary Sydney Shark and Super Mario Crossover. Tremerz was also featured on Destructoid, a popular gaming news website that has referred to Newgrounds on a number of occasions.[1] Eventually, it would be featured in the Flash Portal History

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