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"Toss the Turtle"
Author: Foreverkul


Audio used: Rage of the Champions
Origin: 17 August, 2009
Age rating: T
Size: 7.5 MB
Score (As of 31 March, 2024): 4.76/5.00
Genre: Skill
Awards: FPFrontpaged

Awards 5Daily Feature
Awards 1Weekly Users' Choice

Author's comments:
Toss the Turtle

Use cannons, bombs, and jetpacks to shoot your turtle as far as possible! Collect cash to upgrade your equipment. Controls: Click and hold to gain power, release to fire Use the WASD keys to control the turtle in flight Click with your mouse to shoot the turtle

Art by Gonzo Programming by Foreverkul ATTENTION: An iPhone version is in development at this time. Don't support thieves!

Version 1.3.3NG Update -patch for reaching 10million+ and misc tweaks

Interested in hosting this game? Contact me kul_dg[a]

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Toss the Turtle is a Flash game submitted by Foreverkul and Gonzossm on August 17, 2009, with music from MaestroRage. It is a toss game along the lines of Kitten Cannon!. The game revolves around shooting a turtle out of a cannon and trying to reach the furthest distance possible. The game was remarkable upon release due to the variety of methods for doing so: the cannon's power was controlled manually, the turtle could be steered to hit or avoid obstacles, firearms could be used to keep the turtle in the air, and special items such as rockets, Nuclear weapons, and bombs could be purchased. The game also featured an internal Medal system in addition to supporting Newgrounds Medals.


Toss the Turtle

Players can maneuver the turtle to hit or avoid objects and characters.

The game features a look-alike Squirtle from the Pokemon series as well as featuring enemies from the Mario series (Goombas , Small Bird, Bob-omb) and also a few from Pokemon series (Big Bird , Doink) as well as Newgrounds characters, such as Dad from Dad n' Me.

Newgrounds Medals[]

Twenty medals are available for Newgrounds members.

  1. ACUPUNCTURE - 5 Points - Get skewered on spikes
  2. GOLD STAR - 5 Points - Launch the Turtle
  3. JUMP MAN - 5 Points - Smash a goomba
  4. NOVICE - 5 Points - Launch 1 mile (5,280ft)
  5. QUESTION MARK - 5 Points - Find the hidden button
  6. AMATEUR - 10 Points - Launch 5 miles (26,400ft)
  7. DRUNK DRIVER - 10 Points - Hit a jeep
  8. HARRASMENT - 10 Points - Crush an angry ground creature
  9. IN SPACE - 10 Points - Reach space
  10. STRONG ARMED - 10 Points - Get punched by a banana
  11. ABDUCTED -25 Points - Get caught by a UFO
  12. ICARUS -25 Points - Get burnt by a sun
  13. PERSISTENT - 25 Points - Play over an hour
  14. PROFESSIONAL - 25 Points - Launch 10 miles (52,800ft)
  15. RADIOACTIVE - 25 Points - Use a nuke
  16. ADDICTED - 50 Points - Play over 2 hours
  17. GOLDEN SHELL - 50 Points - Buy everything
  18. MASTER - 50 Points - Launch 25 miles (132,000ft)
  19. TRAVELER - 50 Points - Total over 1 million feet
  20. WORLDSEDGE - 100 Points - Launch 50 miles (264,000ft)

In-Game Medals[]

In addition to Newgrounds Medals, there are are also forty medals that can be obtained in the game, which sometimes improve one's performance in-game, but have no effect on official Newgrounds Medals.

  1. Goomba Card: Stomp 1 Goomba
  2. Bronze Goomba: Stomp 10 goombas (Bonus: +10% goomba bounce)
  3. Silver Goomba: Stomp 25 goombas (Bonus: +20% goomba bounce)
  4. Golden Goomba: Stomp 50 goombas (Bonus: +30% goomba bounce)
  5. Diamond Goomba: Stomp 100 goombas (Bonus: +40% goomba bounce)
  6. Flame: Hit a fire guy
  7. Sun Card: Hit a sun
  8. Singed: Burn 10 times
  9. Burnt: Burn 20 times (Bonus: +more things)
  10. Crispy: Burn 50 times (Bonus: +even more things)
  11. Bomb Card: Hit a land bomb
  12. Helibomb: Hit a floating bomb
  13. Fatman: Hit a giant bomb
  14. Book of Bombs: Hit 20 bombs (Bonus: +10% bomb power)
  15. B-29 Bomber: Hit 50 bombs (Bonus: +30% bomb power)
  16. Bomberman: Hit 100 bombs (Bonus: +60% bomb power)
  17. Spike Card: Hit spikes
  18. Toothed Wall: Hit wall spikes
  19. Mace: Hit floating spikes
  20. Masochist: Hit 20 spikes (Bonus: +100% anger for ground creature)
  21. Gang Hound: Get shot upwards
  22. Helicopter: Reach 400 feet vertically
  23. Jet Plane: Reach 800 feet vertically
  24. Rocket Ship: Reach 1200 feet vertically
  25. Reach 1 Mile (5,280 feet)
  26. Reach 5 Miles (26,400 feet)
  27. Reach 10 Miles (52,800 feet)
  28. Reach 25 Miles (132,000 feet)
  29. Reach 50 Miles (264,000 feet) (Bonus: +50% power to specials)
  30. Reach 100 Miles (528,000 feet) (Bonus: +50% power to specials)
  31. Bird Seed: Hit a small bird
  32. Bird Speed: Hit a big bird
  33. Doink: Hit an angry ground creature
  34. Slap Stick: Hit a Banana
  35. Chainsaw: Hit Dad
  36. Driver’s License: Hit a jeep
  37. Contact: Hit a UFO
  38. Effort: Play an hour (Bonus: +50% cannon power)
  39. Commitment: Play 2 hours (Bonus: +50% cannon power)
  40. Obsession: Play 5 hours (Bonus: +100% cannon power)


Toss the Turtle has over 6 million views. As of January 2012, it has an average score and review of 4.43/5 and 9.7/10 respectively. The game won the Daily feature and Weekly Users' Choice Awards, and was featured on the front page for weeks. It is featured in the Action Games collection and Flash Portal History: 2009, where its icon has become the icon for the year. It had also been ranked the best flash on Newgrounds for a period of 3-4 weeks. There was also a seemingly large commotion when it was not winner for 2009's game of the year.

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