Real Name: Scott Torment
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Profile: tormented-soul
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Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 13
Blank Slate AuraLevel 13
Whistle: NormalWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Town Watch
Town Watch
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Scott Torment (aka tormented-soul) is a Portal contributor on Newgrounds. He is accredited as being the inventor of drag and drop dress up games.

Rarely active since 2001, he is mentioned in 2000's Portal History twice. He has recently only submitted in collaborations with his younger brother, a user named BizzaroTomFulp.

Britney and Lo MeinEdit

Torment's most notable contribution to Newground's history is the Britney dress up doll. This was the first ever nude, celebrity dress up doll, quickly accumulating millions of views. It spent 6 months as the top rated Portal entry before being taken down with an auto-vote entry called Kill Britney which instantly blammed the game when viewers loaded it. By May 2011, it had over 11.7 million views.

Scott Torment's second Portal History mention was for the Star Wars spoof Star Wars: Lo Mein. A personal favorite of Tom Fulp's, the cartoon was a parody of a Seinfeld episode regarding an attempt to be seated at a Chinese Restaurant. It is implied throughout the short that Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine are a homosexual couple. It becomes most evident that this is Torment's intention during the infamous line uttered by the Emperor "Stop calling me buttmaster," a response to Vader's repeated use of the phrase "but, master!"


BizzaroTomFulp has recently mentioned that his mentor Scott Torment has a final sequel to Lo Mein in the works to honor the 10 year anniversary. Featuring voice contributions by Tom Fulp, Mindchamber, and several other 'classic' Newgrounds contributors, it is said to have numerous references to Newgrounds' early days.

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