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Toonyman "The Man without Influences"

Welcome Toonyman Studios Wikia Edit

Toonyman is the Pseudonym For Alberto Armentero who is an Independent/Hobbyist Super!! Passionate, Dedicated Artist (Non! Professionally). He considers himself as an all General Artist who those many works relating to Art. The Name Toonyman comes from 1 of his Comics Called Toonyfatninja(Not Publish).


His own ways and style (Non Traditionally).

  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animating 2D and 3D
  • Comics
  • Writing
  • Composing Music
  • Art Design
  • Filming
  • Visual Game Developing
  • Everything related to Art

My Art Life & Education: Edit Edit


It Seems that My Art Life started when I was ending 4th Grade(Elementary). There I was just Sitting there waiting for the Teacher to give Her lessons of the Day. I always found My Self  as with any kid dozing off! to "Planet X" or as I like to Call it "Earth Comic". Well when I could I would "Borrow" some Print Paper(Blank) for "Math Solving" from the Teachers Desk. Then I would get the urge to Draw in Class! so I did. The Experience of Drawing was way more inviting than anything the Teacher would have to teach, although! I didn't like Art Classes since before 4th Grade. But every other Kid would just Sit and Talk! while Me and 2 other Guys would just Draw for Fun and Boredom. What made Art Fun for us was how we would Talk "Bad" about each others work. Then after a couple Months or Weeks of simply just Drawing. I get an Idea of Producing our own Comics with Stories, our own Comic fake Company Brand name and everything else! from Blank Print Paper and Stapling together. We would figure how long a Comic would be between 10 to 20 Pages Back and Front. Well no body was allow to look at each others Comic until Completion(so as to not Spoil it). Then the most rewarding part was the reviews we gave each other.

Style Edit Edit

Toonyman takes upon the Style of "The Toonyman Style" or another name "Daycare Style". it's His own Created Style and New Art form(Unknown to the World). This Art Form is like the way a Child draws in a Daycare. The way it works, is to Draw without using any influences(except nature it's self). This makes your Drawings or Art 100% Natural and 100% yours. He is working out a couple of the keens and Sooner or Later He will Produce Demos and Books.

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Toonyman Studios Official Website(WIP)

Toonyman's Website is Still under Heavy Construction Target Date 2016.


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