He says his face is too sexy for us.
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Profile: Timmy
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Aura: Art Lover
Level: Level 36
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Whistle: DeityWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Commander.png
Flash: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/541917


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Timmy is a Newgrounds Chat and Forum Moderator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He signed up on January 12, 2005. An art submission depicting Timmy has appeared on the front page in the past.[1] He also has two flash movies on his profile, one of whose appearance caught him by surprise.[2] Timmy has almost 8,000 posts, most of which seem to be in the General Forum.

Sometime in November 2010, he and Newgrounds user TehSlapHappy swapped usernames, creating confusion among users, especially after EyeLovePoozy was partially demodded. On November 28, they switched back.

In early 2013, Timmy made a ducky sig collection.  

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