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Time Fcuk is a flash puzzle game created by Bluebabybottom. The game was not the best of its week, but it was brought on Flash Portal History 2009 and has 1.5 million views. (Please note that this page needs a photo added).


In the beginning of the game, dozens of small people are living in depression without anything to do, then a particular person (presumably a child) comes across a large box. Inside the box is another person who claims to be him from 20 minutes in the future, he then explains the extreme importance of entering the box within 20 minutes, and how both their lives depend on him doing so, and that it's worth the large amount of time, and that he doesn't have anything better to do. When the person hesitates to enter the box, the future person pushes him in, and runs away.

Throughout the game, the character receives messages from what seems to be other hims, who are discussing odd occurrences that never happen or have yet to happen. As such, the character receives an odd lump on the top of his head, who is named Steven. After solving multiple puzzles, the character finds what appears to be him, and two endings are given: In the 'Good ending', the character reunites with himself and forges with him, creating one character, in the 'Bad ending', the character simply falls apart, yet this doesn't effect the ending cutscene, which is pretty much the opening scene where the character meets his 20 minute future self. After the character pushes his past self in the box (which causes the 'time paradox' to repeat itself), he runs off and begins to multiply as several characters start to run into the world.

Ending Message[]

After the ending scene is finished, a message appears in the screen, note that the ending chosen will effect this message.

Good Ending Message[]

In the good message, the character explains that his mother put him in a box as a small child with nothing but a black marker. He began to draw his very own world, where in his eyes, everything seemed just right. Even so, he put a hole in his box to see what the real world looked like, this was also how he received his meals from his mother. When he was old enough, he was put in a larger box with a new marker, and he began to draw his future; but when he got to see it for himself, he was horrified. Hundreds of people just like him were all on the ground, either asleep or dead; he immediately asked his mother for a new box, and another marker.

Bad Ending Message[]

In the bad message, the character simply explains to the player how they had made foolish choices, and that they were not worthy to know the truth or even continue to play the game, and the player is asked to leave.