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"Thing-Thing 2"
Author: Weasel
Audio used: N/A
Origin: 9/22/2005
Size: 1.8 MB
Score(As of 6 November, 2010): 4.31/5.00
Awards: Awards 7.gifDaily Third
Author's comments:

I'm glad you guys like the game! Thanks for the great reviews (I've read every one of em)

It's finally done, the sequel to Thing-Thing. I read 800 some odd reviews and took just about every reasonable suggestion, and even some stuff you guys didn't ask for, and put it into Thing-Thing 2. The controls are all in game, under tutorial, and there's a fairly in depth tutorial you should read to get you started. The game has a save feature! It auto saves after every level, or you can go to the options to manage your data. Note: This game has nothing to do with the first one, it's just another game in the series.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

Thing-Thing 2 is the sequel to the game Thing-Thing by Sean McGee (Weasel).


The story of Thing-Thing 2 starts somewhat after the first game, not explaining the examination of the body at the end of the last game. The player (Project 154) wandered into the city and is being pursued by mercenaries hired by Systems Corp. (The company yet unknown to the player.) After fighting through the hordes of enemies, 154 is confronted by Zeus, a Systems Corp. bio-weapon. The game ends after Zeus is destroyed.


Thing-Thing 2 is notably more complex than its predecessor. For one thing, rather than consisting of a single long level, Thing-Thing 2's story is split into seven distinct stages, including the Final Boss stage. Players unlock weapons upon completing a stage with a certain number of kills, and keep ammunition even after completing a stage. This means that players can revisit older stages with a newly improved arsenal. Additionally, there is a new Survival mode, which pits the player against endless waves of enemies with no means of recovering health. The concept behind survival mode would later be developed into the Thing-Thing Arena series.


Thing-Thing 2's gameplay is also a notable step up from its predecessor. Most notable is the new health system. Health, rather than being based on a number value and being increased using packs lying about, is now a bar, which slowly replenishes over time. This is similar to many modern console shooters, which forgo health packs for recharging health. Another bar, for stamina, has also been added. Players need to use a portion of the stamina bar to jump or run, forcing the player to ration their movements. One odd change in the game is the change in enemy attack patterns. Although enemies will attack in larger numbers than in the original Thing-Thing, and will display far greater mobility, very few of them will actually carry firearms.


As the fairly complex HUD suggests, Thing-Thing 2 is a notably more complex game than the original.

Thing-Thing 2's graphics are odd in that they are both far more detailed than the original, yet use a similar simple style. Although most characters, including the player, are essentially several circles representing body parts, there is a greater variety of locales, a wider variety of body parts, and more details in the environments.


Thing-Thing 2 built upon the success of its prequel. As of May 2011, the game has over 1.3 million views and an average review of 8.9/10. The game is featured in both the Action and Madness collections. This was also the first Thing-Thing game to have an arena spinoff, which has been about as popular as the original game.[1]

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