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There she is!! is a series of five music videos by SamBakZa, a group of three Korean artists (SamBakZa literally means "three beats" in Korean). It chronicles the story of Doki the rabbit and Nabi the cat, who live in a society that disapproves of their love. It ran from 2004 to 2008.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Various Characters from the series.

Due to the lack of dialogue within the movies, much of the information about the characters, including their names, comes from SamBakZa's website.

Nabi is a male cat, and is in a relationship with Doki. At first, he didn't like Doki, but grew to care for her. However, he broke up with her for a while when he feared for her safety. He is easily distinguishable by his green scarf, which is similar to the green ribbons Doki puts on animals. Nabi means 'Butterfly', a common name given for cats in Korea.

Doki is a female rabbit. She is in love with Nabi, despite the fact that their society discourages it. She sets out to win his heart despite his initial rebuttals, with great determination. She is extremely friendly, and gets along with both other people and animals. She puts green ribbons on the animals she befriends, which resemble Nabi's scarf. Doki is likely from the romanization of '토끼', Korean for rabbit.

Jjintta Set is a group of three rabbits. They are notably tougher and shaggier than any other characters in the series. Although they are initially mistrustful of Nabi, they begin to support his relationship with Doki by the end of the series. Il-ho is their leader, has the most interactions with Nabi. The others are Yi-ho, who wears an eye patch, and Sam-ho, who wears a surgical mask and appears to be klutzy and uncoordinated.

Hana, a female cat, manages the band of three members, and is close to her bodyguard, Pizza. She is a friend of Doki and Nabi

The Band consists of three members: a female cat who plays the keyboard, a male rabbit guitarist, and another male rabbit with sunglasses. They work for Hana.

Pizza is Hana's bodyguard, and is a large, male cat. He is fiercely devoted to her.

Style[edit | edit source]

Note the largely monochromatic style.

The art of There She Is!! is done in a Manhwa style, which is roughly the Korean equivalent of the Japanese Manga-style. In this traditional Korean style, the heads and eyes of characters are emphasized, body proportions are somewhat more realistic than in equivalent manga, and the artwork is largely monochromatic. Other than a few elements, such as the fact that the 'people' are either cats or rabbits and that Doki's hearts are physical objects, the series is fairly realistic. Animation is lively and fluid, and there is usually some action going on. Each episode is set up as a music video, with a song that reinforces and emphasizes the plot. These songs tend to be Korean pop music, with lyrics that reinforce the message of the episodes.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

There she is!!![edit | edit source]

Nabi and Doki meet each other for the first time.

The first episode starts when Doki, a female rabbit, falls in love with Nabi, a male cat. She fantasizes about having a perfect relationship with him. However, Nabi does not feel the same way, and they live in a society that prohibits cross-species relationships. Nabi tries to run away, attempts to get Doki a boyfriend rabbit, and even explains how rabbits and cats belong with their own kind. However, Doki is persistent, and keeps on chasing Nabi until he finally submits. In the end he begins to appreciate Doki and the things they have in common.

Nabi's first encounter with the Jjintta Set does not go well.

There she is!! step 2[edit | edit source]

Subtitle- Cake Dance

It is Doki's birthday party, and several new characters, including Hana, her band, and Pizza the bodyguard, are there. Hana explains to Doki that Nabi is bringing the cake. However, Nabi has a lot of trouble doing this, since the city they live in is busy and crowded. At one point, he is chased by an assortment of animals with green ribbons, which are later revealed to be Doki's friends. Later, Nabi is late, and somebody offers Doki another cake. However, she quickly eats the cake, apparently waiting for Nabi to bring her "real" birthday cake. Although late, Nabi is almost able to reach the party. However, he bumps into the Jjintta Set, a band of three rabbits led by Il-ho. They chase Nabi into the place where the party is being held, but he trips and drops the cake. However, Doki is very happy with the squashed cake and just seems happy to see him. When she shows her affection for Nabi, people look with shock. In the very end of the movie, Nabi helps a female rabbit who appears to be caught in a similar situation.

There she is!! step 3[edit | edit source]

Doki and Nabi on a date.

Nabi is getting ready for his day and opens his front door to find a present from Doki. The present contains Doki herself, who seems wildly enthusiastic about their first date. Nabi is more subdued, and shows alarm when Doki grabs his arm. Doki introduces Nabi to her animal friends, and meets a hedgehog, which she puts a green ribbon on. After they watch a movie together, they encounter the Jjintta Set again, which stops them momentarily before Nabi leads Doki through. While they are finishing the walk home, they encounter a rabbit holding the traditional "No interspecies Love" sign with black lines in the corners. In Korea, black lines in the corner of a sign represent that the picture is of something dead. Doki arrives home, and Nabi starts to walk away before coming back. He asks Doki for a second date, and she agrees enthusiastically. They meet again that night, and share their first kiss. However, the episode ends on a negative note, when a brick is thrown through Nabi's window in the night.

Some of the interspecies relationship supporters.

There she is!! step 4[edit | edit source]

Compared to the rest of the series, Step 4 is filled with violence and turmoil. It chronicles the conflict between interspecies relationship supporters and opponents. The neighborhood is covered in derogatory graffiti. Various people are yelling at Nabi and Doki and kicking them out of places for being an interspecies couple. Meanwhile, the rabbit holding the sign in Step 3 has started a full interspecies movement, which includes members of both species and the Jjintta Set. However, the anti-interspecies movement is far larger, though notably segregated between rabbits and cats. They attack Doki while she is playing with a few of her animal friends. The Hedgehog tries to defend her, but they are both badly hurt, and Doki is hospitalized. Nabi, who is scared that she will be hurt again, decides to break up with her for her own safety, going as far as to put up an anti-interspecies sign on his house. Doki, who is trying to help the hedgehog while it lays dying, decides to get two plane tickets for "Paradise," presumably a place where interspecies relationships can exist peacefully. She hopes that she and Nabi can live there together. Il-ho sees this, and decides to confront Nabi, literally punching him in the face. However, this starts a riot between interspecies supporters and opponents, and they all get jailed. The hedgehog dies. Afterwards, Doki tries to call Nabi, but he is unable to answer, due to being in jail. Doki gives up, and decides to go to Paradise by herself.

There she is!! final step[edit | edit source]

A Happy Ending.

This episode starts with Doki tying one of her signature green ribbons to a tree. In Korea, people tie ribbons to trees to send prayers. Nabi is released from jail, his scarf still gray, in time for Doki to text him good bye. He is sitting on a bench near the vending machines where they first met when he sees a small yellow bird, and follows it, protecting it from danger. Eventually, they stumble upon the tree where Doki made her prayer. A large number of ribbons, new and old, are blowing in the wind. It is possible that some of these ribbons were put up by Doki's supporters. Nabi is inspired, and starts to run towards Doki's house. He comes across a crowd, but is helped through by Doki's animal friends. He discovers that Doki is at the airport, and is about to go on a plane for Paradise. Il-ho and Hana help him get to the airport, breaking several traffic laws along the way. Doki, who is surrounded by protesters, is about to get on the plane when Nabi arrives. They go home together, and the series's various characters come to accept each other. The series ends where it began, at the two vending machines, where Doki and Nabi are cleaning off graffiti and drinking carrot and fish juice.

App Releases[edit | edit source]

in 2009 Sambakza put all the videos on apps with the first part free with the other parts with the price of $0.99

Release Dates[edit | edit source]

There she is!!! - 4/10/2004

There she is!! step 2 - 03/11/2005

There she is!! step3 - 06/05/2008

There She Is!! step 4 - 08/24/2008

There she is!! final step - 12/18/2008

there she is!! apps - 20/8/2009

Music by Step[edit | edit source]

The three members of SamBakZa as shown on their website. amalloc is the one most responsible for There She Is!!

There she is!!! - "There she is" by the "Witches"

There she is!! step 2 - "Happy Birthday to Me" by "Bulldog Mansion"

There she is!! step3 - "tertiary sex characteristic" by "T.A.COPY"

There She Is!! step 4 - "Wolsik" by "Tabu"

There she is!! final step - "Greensleeves to a Ground" and "Imagine" by "Brunch"

Themes[edit | edit source]

Unlike many popular series on Newgrounds, several ethical themes are present throughout the There She Is!! series. The underlying theme of the series is love should be acceptable, even between different groups. Many Western viewers have interpreted this as a parable for homosexual marriage in particular.[1] Although possible, considering how gay marriage isn't allowed in South Korea, the series more likely refers to biracial relationships, especially between Korean females and Foreigner (e.g. White, Black, Japanese) males, which remain unpopular and a taboo topic amongst Korean conservatives.[2][3][4] This topic is unintentionally parodied by Pico Sim Date 3.

Another common theme throughout the series is unrequited love. The most notable example of this is Nabi's initial rejection of Doki in the first episode. However, Doki also rejects Il-ho, who is seen trying to protect her throughout the series. Ultimately, his decision to help Nabi was done for Doki's happiness. A Grey Rabbit is also seen constantly trying to win Hana's affections.

Reception[edit | edit source]

There she is!!! has been an extremely popular series on Newgrounds. The five entries in the series have all won both the Daily Features and Weekly Users' Choice Awards, and steps 2 and 4 also won Review Crew Picks. The last three steps, released in 2008, all won their respective monthly contests, making all three episodes Tank Awards nominees and making Tom Fulp include two additional movies to keep the number of nominated franchises at 18. To this day, all five submissions maintain scores of over 4.35/5. In total, the series has had over 11.9 million views. The Icon for Flash Portal History in 2008 is taken from the Final Step. The original There she is!!! is the most voted on entry of all time, just ahead of Final Fantasy A+. It is also the 6th most reviewed submission of all time and the second most favorited of all time, just after The Ultimate Showdown. As of January 2012, The Final Step maintains an extremely high review average of 9.93/10, the highest in the portal.

Tributes and parody[edit | edit source]

The series's popularity has also made it the target of tribute and ridicule on Newgrounds. Several popular movies about Newgrounds in general, such as "Newgrounds in a Nutshell!" and "Everything by Everyone," mention There she is!! as one of Newgrounds's defining series.[5][6]

Official Fan Panel[edit | edit source]

Sanctioned by Amalloc himself as the official fan panel, an event has been run once a year in Somerset, NJ at AnimeNEXT [8] since 2010. At these events, they not only show the entire series on a big screen, but answer questions. Run by Ben Schoedel, these events are run from the official There She Is fan page [9].

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