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"the skullkid" is and was a popular flash game posted to the Flash Portal on September 14th 2002 by user 'korded'. To date, it has become one of the most popular flash games on Newgrounds with 25.1 Million plays. It's worthy to note that it also was featured prominently on other flash websites.

Story Edit

The game takes place in an office tower sporting a tropical music loop from Flashkit, you play a child character with a demonic skull for a head wielding various weapons. You start off on the ground floor with a chainsaw where you must destroy multiple items to get through the stage and kill a few people. The second floor requires you to hide and emerge from cover with the arrow keys and press space to shoot. This was actually an impressive real-time combat system for its time.

On the first floor, you pass multiple pictures on the wall, one of which is Judge Judy. This is a reference to an earlier game submitted by korded two years previously titled "Judge Judy 1".

2013 Feature Edit

On June 3rd 2013, Tom Fulp posted a news post about the game explaining why it was frontpaged. Chance Banning the IRL korded passed away in an accident a month before. You can find out more from the news post itself here.

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