"The Suicide Bomber Game"
Author: fabulous999
Audio used:
Origin: 04/17/2002
Size: 134.6 KB
Score(As of 19 May, 2010): 3.49/5.00
Awards: Awards 7Daily Third
Author's comments:
Use your mouse to move left and right. Click to detonate.

By the way, I'm not jewish, I'm not an arab, and I'm not a terrorist. I have little interest in what goes on in the middle east so I don't share any extreme views. I just think people who blow themselves up are stupid. That's all this game is. If you found this offensive, tell your friends! If you are DEEPLY offended by this game then you're way too fucking sensitive for my taste and I hope that you've been scarred for life.


UPDATE: Children were removed because the only .fla file i could find of this game did not have children incorporated yet and I wanted to install the Newgrounds API deal. So deal with it.

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

The Suicide Bomber Game (originally titled and also known as Kaboom!) is a Flash game by fabulous999. It sparked controversy and attracted mainstream media attention due to its violent premise.

Gameplay Edit

The Suicide Bomber Game has a simple premise. The player controls a suicide bomber in a city whom they can move using the mouse. When they click the mouse, his bombs detonate, killing or injuring anybody near by. A scorecard then pops up, displaying how many men and women were injured and killed. The Player can then click the "again" button to replay the game.

Presentation Edit

The Suicide Bomber Game

Note the stereotypical Middle Easterner.

The Suicide Bomber Game is fairly bland visually. Although the bomber is distinctively Middle Eastern, there is only one model of each men and women. The background is likewise plain and unremarkable. However, after the bomb explodes, peoples' body parts may fly away from their bodies, and blood spreads across the ground. The only sound effect in the game is used for the explosion.

Reception and Controversy Edit

The Suicide Bomber Game initially received a moderate amount of praise on Newgrounds, winning the Daily 3rd place award. As of May 2011, it also has a review average of 8.1/10. However, the key 'merit' of the game appears to be its controversy. The Suicide Bomber Game has received over 1.4 million views, presumably much aided by weeks of exposure on the Front Page and in the international news.

KABOOM!, as the game was then called, was mentioned in the NG News on the front page on three separate occasions.[1] Tom Fulp compared the game to his earlier works like Club A Seal and the Pico games. Eventually, he even received a letter from New York representative Nita M. Lowey, urging Tom to remove the game from his site due to its trivialization of heinous acts and extreme disrespect.[2] The Jewish Defense League made a statement calling for it to be "removed from the market and banned from the Internet.[3] Meanwhile, KABOOM! drew a lot of attention from mainstream media outlets. FOX News posted an article with a derogatory tone, suggesting that the game was targeted against Israel. Some websites were under the impression that Tom Fulp himself made the game.[4] However, despite the intense pressure to do so, the game was never removed from Newgrounds.

The Suicide Bomber Game is featured in the Bastards and Flash Portal History collections.

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