The Sprite Crew is a now defunct Newgrounds group, who created movies primarily using sprites and motion tween. They prefaced many of their movies with "SC"


The Sprite Crew was started in mid 2005, with one of the first movies being SC Flash Tutorial, created by Donutmaster (DonutSprite), Hamslice (Hamslice Sprite), Meatwad Sprite and Frylock Sprite. Meatwad Sprite would be the main authority through the Sprite Crew's short time, and later went onto create the Ackbar series. The Sprite Crew was looked down on by many people in the Newgrounds community, mainly due to the hatred of sprite movies. Due to this, some of the last movies out of the crew weren't made with sprites, despite retaining the Sprite Crew name, such as Donkey Kong 65. Slowly, the forums drifted away, and members left either because of lack of interest, fights with other members, or their own interests.


Although the majority of the members were dedicted to the crew, the members with the highest forum post count were mostly spammers, and in a few instances it would get out of hand.

Psyco_Zaffa & Coddingtown_Reject V.S. PirateSprite

This fight is significant because it is one of the only fights that ended up with members leaving the crew rather than being banned. The feud started in a thread where members would post their own pictures, so people could see what they looked like. Thorn_Sprite (now Coddingtown-Reject) posted his picture, and a member named PirateSprite replied with a picture of someone slitting their wrists. Thorn asked if it could be taken down, since his friend just committed suicide and he found it offensive. The reply was taken down, and PirateSprite replied twice with the same picture. At this point Psyco_Zaffa_Sprite (now Zaffa P) logged on, and asked for the posts to be removed. Zaffa and Thorn then got spam e-mails from PirateSprite. Zaffa and Thorn being brothers, decided that enough was enough, and started a thread to provoke Pirate and hopefully get him banned. The end result was an extended argument on the forums between the three, and by the time an administrator stepped in, Pirate was threatening to find out where they lived and kill them. Pirate was banned, and the administrator warned that if the brothers said one more thing, they would be banned. Thorn did and was banned, and Zaffa announced that they would be leaving the crew of their own free will.

Aside from that one instance, there were many other arguments on the board. Many had to do with members leaving and then coming back, such as TacoSprite. Shortly after the PirateSprite incident though, the crew started to disband.

The End

The Sprite Crew was short-lived, but the time they had they made the best of. Out of the crew came series like SC Saturday Night Live, Star Wars Aftermath, and the Tekken Quest series. Near the end, many of the administrators of the forum were absent, and the forums ran wild. Members who had animated before were now doing nothing, and those that didn't were running wild spamming. Slowly, the members that were left trickled out, and moved on to other crews or just animated solo.


No matter how short the life span of the crew was, most of the members still remember it fondly.

Members such as Skeik-Sprite have retained the "Sprite" in their name still. Skeik is now a programmer for games, such as Best Friends Forever, while other members have dropped the sprite from their name, wanting to get away from it and let it die. Despite this, the majority are still animating. Meatwad Sprite was recently featured on the front page for A Very PS3 Christmas. Other members however have almost entirely disappeared from the newgrounds radar. Recently, Coddingtown-Reject and Psyco_Zaffa stopped uploading altogether, while Coddintown still pops in sometimes, and Zaffa's real name has been seen credited in movies like No Country for Old Men, which makes it even less likely he'll be returning to Newgrounds.

The Sprite Crew is a good example of what happens when a good idea on paper is brought into actuality, and how it can fall if the quality is not retained. For every good animator in the crew there were 2 bad ones and 3 spammers, and if the good ones had helped the others get better, and gotten rid of the spammers, the crew would've lasted longer than it did.

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