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The Flash Short The Man Who Could Sit Anywhere was created by Explosm as part of their series Cyanide and Happiness and submitted to Newgrounds in February 2010. It was an immediate hit, winning Daily 1st and Weekly Users Choice. It is a significant linking of recognised Newgrounds talent, featuring the voice of Egoraptor and music by Dan Paladin.

The Plot[]

The protagonist Cliff Miller (voiced by Egoraptor) enters a chair shop "Sweet Seats" to try out a couple of chairs and finds them all amzingly comfortable until he makes an unusual discovery. It's his ass which is comfortable on anything. He rushes off (while throwing chairs around the place) to try sitting on many things around the city and around the world.

He is then seen in a doctor's surgery, where he is told he has "ass cancer". The doctor asks him if he had sat on anything radioactive lately, and Cliff realizes that in his enthusiasm to sit on everything, he unintentionally sat on drums of nuclear waste. Just before he could say in tears, "How much longer do I- 'have' ", a brief scene shows his grave with the epitaph "He had a comfortable ass" on it and a crow caws in the background.

Finally, in a mid-credit endscene, a chair is delivered to Sweet Seats, with Cliff's buttocks stitched to it as if to make it an ultimately comfortable chair. The chair shop owner screams in disgust "WHAT THE FU-!!"


After over a year on Newgrounds, in May 2011, the cartoon is still in the top Flash 10 of All Time.