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"the Last of the Dashkin"
Author: Adam Phillips (chluaid)
Audio used: N/A
Origin: 12/9/09
Size: 11.2 MB
Score(As of 4/3/10): 4.53/5
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Author's comments:
This is the story of the last of the dashkin. The people are all gone and in a world of innocent animals, the solitude, the sadness and bitterness have corrupted his view of life. What does the future hold for such a tragic creature? Will he wander the planet, forever alone until his death? Will he always be the wild King of Brackenwood?
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The Last of the Dashkin is the sixth and latest entry in the Brackenwood series by Adam Phillips.


A stranger visits Bitey

The movie begins by introducing Bitey, a Dashkin who is the last of his species. A flashback is shown of a large creature murdering what is assumed to be others of Bitey's species. It then flashes back to his childhood, where he is taken in by two large furry creatures and taken care of, until eventually he is abandoned in favor of their own child. Bitey is then attacked, and begins to flee, where it flashes back to the present. Later on, the movie explains his loneliness, and the question of how Bitey can find the true meaning of compassion. The movie ends with a strange hooded figure appearing before Bitey, where it will continue in the next part of the series.

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