"The Kill Kar II: Revenge"
Author: JAZZA
Audio used: [1]
Origin: 12/02/2009
Size: 4.8 MB
Score(As of August 2011): 4.24/5.00
Genre: - Shooter - Run'n'Gun Action - Shooter - Run'n'Gun
Awards: Awards 6 Daily 2nd Place
Author's comments:

the first bunch of levels are pretty straight forward so you can get a hang of the game, but hang in there because the later levels get CRAZY!! Here are the controls:

ARROWS = drive W = shoot D = fire missiles (buy some first) SPACE BAR = hand brake

enjoy guys! all feedback is read an appreciated.

P.S. my personal favorite, is shooting crowds with missiles. They fly everywhere! :D

Note This information only refers to the official release on the Flash Portal.

The Kill Kar II: Revenge is a driving/horror Flash game and sequel to the Kill Kar created by JAZZA .



Cheat codes used by opening the options menu and going to 'cheats'. Note that using a cheat labels you as a 'cheater' in the coding of the game. It is currently unknown what this does.

Unlock Levels 1-59 - narwhal

Locks Levels 3-60 - noobify

Skip A Level - ding

1,000,000 Kash - millionare

Double Damage - bloodyhell

God Mode - invincible

Maxspeed (press and hold Shift key) - nos


Klean Run - Beat a level without any damage/blood on your car

Krapped On - Pass a level with less than 5% health left

Kataklism - Kill everyone in a level using only missiles

Krash The Kage - Escape to the big city

Kash Kow - Earn over 100,000 dollars

Kill-A-K - Kill one thousand people

Kan Do - Beat all levels above 80% completion

Kant Katch Up - Get gold on all race levels

Kraked - Beat the game

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Semi Walkthrough/Guide

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