The Icon Mod Crew , created by TehSlapHappy, is a central "lounge" for icon mods to discuss icon-related

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topics, and can be found in the Clubs and Crews forum. A related thread exists for requesting icons be made by them(or other users).

Background[edit | edit source]

Early in the population boom of icon mods in mid-2010, user TehSlapHappy created a thread in the C&C forum for icon mods to congregate, as they do not possess the ability to access secret moderator forums. As more and more icon mods were appointed to help in the redesign, the thread has proven to be an invaluable tool for icon mods to communicate.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Since the IMC is used as a means of communication among some icon mods, it has evolved into adopting many applications. Tom Fulp will occasionally visit and provide links to submissions needing icons. As it is a "lounge," icon mods will often share techniques and tips on creating icons, as well as discussing redesign matters. Using the thread to call dibs on icon-less submissions and asking for help are also common. The thread's main intention is for icon mods, and thus regular users are discouraged from posting in it.

The icon mod "explosion"[edit | edit source]

On June 2nd, 2010, Tom Fulp announced the introduction of a larger sized icon for flash portal submissions. Instead of the 46*46 icons used at the time, 140*90 is to become standard size.[1] This would be the first step into the redesign of 2010/11(expected release date, actual release time unknown). The announcement prompted the appointment of many new icon mods to help transition icons to the new size.

At the time, all moderators received a golden aura, but due to the large amount of icon mods, icon mods soon lost it to reduce confusion. During the confusion that occurred briefly, threads were made in surprise over the modding of certain users.[2]

Links[edit | edit source]

The Icon Mod Crew The thread.

Newgrounds 140x90 Thumbnail Makers Request thread for icons to be made. Many regular contributors to this thread have ultimately been appointed to be icon moderators.

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