The Elite Guard Barracks (EGB) is a group of users devoted to protecting the Games & Movies Portal from submissions which violate the rules. It was founded on November 29, 2005 by EagleRock , who was last active in the EGB in 2015.[1] In total, the thread contains over 50,000 responses and has over 1.8 million views, making it one of the most popular on Newgrounds.


Initial post which started the EGB.

Club Purpose and Style Edit


Lowest rank of the Elite Guard.

EagleRock started the Club with the intention that all members would have a B/P rank of Private or higher, and that they would refer to and address each other according to their B/P rank. Over time, the criteria for admission into the EGB was relaxed, and as of 2018 users with a lower rank can apply for membership based on certain conditions .

The members of the EGB used to refer to each formally other using the B/P system as ranks, although recently the use of ranks has waned in casual daily interaction. Some members do salute on occasion, generally at the prompting of the current group leader byteslinger. They maintain a roster of members and consolidate stat gain announcements to a monthly roster update.

Relationship with the NGPDEdit

Despite the original Newgrounds Police Department (NGPD) thread being jokingly formed in response to the creation of the EGB, the two groups quickly found common ground and developed a good working relationship. Many of the users of the NGPD "ranked out" of the police B/P ranks and were immediately welcomed into the EGB. For a time, liason positions between the two groups existed as a means of reinforcing the shared goal of the two groups. With the NGPD now inactive, the EGB created a "Reserve Officer Training Corps", which enables users with a B/P rank as low as "Portal Security" to join and be included on the roster.

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