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Real Name: Johnathan Picking
Birthdate: May 17, 1975
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Aura: Neutral
Level: Level 17
File:Neutral Aura.pngLevel 17
Whistle: GarbageWhistle
Blam/Protect Rank: Police Officer
Police Officer
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TheWeebl, aka Jonti Picking, is a well-known Newgrounds author and musician. His animations have a unique style, dealing with catchy, humorous, eccentric songs about everyday things. Jonti is a professional animator, who does advertising work for various UK companies.

The Movies

Theweebl first became well known in 2003, when he submitted Badger Ver. 1 and began the Weebl and Bob series. He continued the series in 2004 and also submitted Magical Trevor, which would go on to help define Music Videos on Newgrounds. TheWeebl has also collaborated in the "On the Moon" series since 2005. Other popular movies he's made include Owls, Narwhals, Cat Face, Walk in the Woods, Do you have a waffle, and Tiny Japanese Girl. TheWeebl has over 130 Movies and 170 awards to his name, including over fifty Daily Features. In 2010 he took a break from submitting Weebl & Bob and for that whole year they were missing and replaced with On The Moon, Cat Face and his other well thought of series. In mid-2011 he returned with Weebl & Bob appearing in their "Goovies".

The Music

TheWeebl submits music to the Audio Portal, including tracks from his movies, such as 'Narwhals'.


Weebl and bob

Weebl and Bob

TheWeebl has had a significant impact upon Newgrounds. Magical Trevor and his cow appear on the main Music Video page. Scenes from Badger Ver. 1 now appear as a possible Visualization when a song is selected in the Audio Portal. Weebl the character appears on the main Flash Portal. Walk in the Woods was a nominee for the 2008 Tank Awards. Walk in the Woods was also the first flash on Newgrounds to have a fullscreen option. Badger Ver. 1, Magical Trevor, and Walk in the Woods are all featured on Flash Portal History.

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