The Techno Trio. Right: Larrynachos Middle: Cacola Left: TeraVex


The Techno Trio is a music group created by Larrynachos , TeraVex , and Cacola in 2013. The Techno specializes in electronic music, with each member bringing a unique sound to their songs.


In November of 2013, Cacola and Larrynachos got together and decided to collaborate on a song. Larrynachos then went on to introduce TeraVex into the project, and they took turns composing parts of the song. On November 11th, 2013 they released the song (Self Titled "The Techno Trio "). 

After the song recieved a lot of positive feedback, the three got to work on a Game Grumps Remix. Cacola started off the project, and then passed the torch to TeraVex. However, TeraVex's computer crashed, wiping his hard drive and destroying all of his progress, and the project was halted. Larrynachos proposed the idea of turning The Techno Trio into an official group shortly after that, and the other two members agreed to the idea.

Completed Projects

- November 11, 2013: The Techno Trio releases their first song (link ).

Upcoming/Unreleased Projects

- Game Grumps Remix (Halted due to TeraVex's computer failure).

- Untitled 2nd track.

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