TheSoulMan signed up to Newgrounds on the third of March 2005. In 2006 he became a part of the Sunshine Crew, these sunshine flash dominate his flash uploads. He has submitted six other flash aside from sunshine flash to the portal and has taken part in many collaborations. Other than his flash works, he spends a lot of time reviewing and voting on under-judgment flash.

TheSoulMan and The NoobNation

TheSoulMan is an active contributor to the NoobNation and took part in the first NoobDay and has worked on many other projects in the NoobNation, such as some of the Kebobs and collabs. His work is better than Noobish and his efforts at the NoobNation are appreciated by many. He was only a part of two flash on Noobday, You, it's NoobDay and NoobDay Collab

TheSoulMan and The Sunshine Crew

Many of his submissions are Sunshine Crew flash, many users did not like this series, but it was quickly recognized by statwhores as a winner, so their flash passed through judgement with ease. Generally, after judgement these flash have dropped in score since passing. This reflects the lower scoring of users without statwhore support, but they still remain there for users to watch and maybe enjoy. TheSoulMan was co'ed on many Sunshine flash on Sunshine Day and submitted his own Sunshine Day flash called SD: The Soul Man.

The Reviewer

As a reviewer, TheSoulMan writes long and understanding reviews for a flash. Many of these reviews are very helpful, he usually writes Flash reviews as opposed to Music reviews, but he holds over 800 Flash reviews, most of which are decent in length.

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