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Real Name: {{{realname}}}
Birthdate: {{{birthdate}}}
Profile: Profile's profile
Alts: {{{alts}}}
Aura: Blank Slate
Level: Level 1
Blank Slate Aura.pngLevel 1.png
Whistle: NormalWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Civilian.png
Flash: {{{flash}}}
Audio: {{{audio}}}


|name = <USERNAME goes here>
|realname = <Real name goes here>
|image = <image.png> or <image.gif>. Do not include "File:" at the beginning.
|caption = <Something witty to put under the picture (optional)>
|birthdate <When the user was born (optional)>
|profile = URL of user profile. Do not use unless different from {{{name}}}
|alts = names or addresses of known alt accounts
|aura = <User's aura>
|auracustom = If the user has a gold aura, specify "Mod", otherwise do not use this parameter
|level = <User's level>
|levelcustom = If the user has a non-standard level icon (such as a tank), specify "Mod", otherwise do not use this parameter
|whistle = <should be Garbage, Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Deity>
|rank = <Blam/Protect Rank>
|flash = <List of user's Flash submissions (optional)>
|audio = <List of user's audio submissions (optional)>


This is not a real user, hence no profile pic
Real Name: John Q. Public
Birthdate: 1/1/1969
Profile: NotARealUser's profile
Alts: {{{alts}}}
Aura: Melancholy
Level: Level 60
Melancholy Aura.pngLevel 60.png
Whistle: DeityWhistle.png
Blam/Protect Rank: Sup. Commander.png
Sup. Commander
Flash: Super Shitastic Adventure
Audio: I Shit the Sheriff

Hit Me With Your Best Shit