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This user has been banned indefinitely

Reason: OVER-riding Any Members that contains the words "Chan" "San" and even "Dragon!" He also FAILED to Follow The Rules in Newgrounds! He Posted Some Explicit Content that Even TomFulp was Offended from! He also tried to hack ZimDragonlord, Rina-Chan and even Stamper's account! However, He Failed because the FBI Agents were Notified. Also, He lies, Cheats, Blackmails, and even Hurt Women as well as any Chans! It took about 5 Moderators and 3 Administrators of Newgrounds to Track his Location down!

This person's crime will follow him for the rest of his life. All who see what he has done will know what their fate will be if they follow him.

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The Illogical 1447 Hacktivist. People thought he was cool, He tried to Take Over ZDL's FaceBook However Failed because he became very Sick! This was taken in Voronezh, Soviet Union in 1993

Tekkidd The Kiddie Hacker

[December 18, 1993-] aka Arseniy GodForsaken Avery

All he Wanted in Life is to be like this NG < Tekkidd. However, He Failed to Hack Zimdragonlord in Facebook because He was a 4Chan Hacktivist. He harassed and Posted in Rubehmiz's Account that "Buckland is Murder" It was proven a Valid fact because He Threatened ZDL to post that or else He'll burn ZDL's Property Down. He was a Sick, ill-mannered and you know Acted like a Kid. He lied about about his Birthplace, He was born in the Voronezh, Soviet Union. Although Back then We Americans Called them "Russians" For the Longest Time.

Ganglot so called GPC[]

Arseniy in 2013 in Honolulu, Hawaii. You can tell that the Smile was EVIL Really Evil! He was caught by the Federal Agents in a Secret Chan Hatred Group known as: TTSLNTAG aka Tekkidd, Thala, Suzi, Lizkay and Teivo's Anthro Gang!

Tekkidd knew about Newgrounds and Soiled over Half a Million Members and tried to post this as a Second Flash! It was Too late, He already Got Busted for the Inappropriate content in his First Flash "Memes Mario"

Basically, He joined Anonymous, It was proven to be Valid Although he was Brainwashed by 2 people in Market Dave Ramsey & Suzidragonlady because When ZDL noticed his Facebook has some Deadly Twitter Images. He somehow Lied to everyone and tried to hack Zim's Account. What He doesn't know is that Even TomFulp  knew about this Insane Guy. He Downloaded 1 TB of Russian Child Pornography, He tried to Send it on his own Personal Newgrounds. However, FAILED Because There was the Rule in The Submission Policies: - DO NOT SUBMIT Explicit Content [i.e. Child Porn, Bestiality] WE will contact the FBI! He Obviously tried to Hack ZDL's NG However Failed because Zimdragonlord and Wade Fulp noticed the Mixed Messages he Wrote in Facebook. They Both realized that He is a sick, Loner, and a Disgusting Pedophile! He got caught in October 23, 2013 because Wade, Tom, Stamper and even ZDL were notified because The Disturbing content that was involved in Newgrounds! He was a sick Puppy because He made a Video Game called Memes Mario, Which is Basically illegal Content of Mario Bros.

Failure to Everyone He's a Real Hack[]

Tekkidd somehow Implanted a Troll Engine and used it on ZDL's Facebook He somehow Failed to override it because Newgrounds Staff, ZDL's old high school, Lock Legion and even the FBI Were notified when the Incident Occurred!

Arseiny modern Day. He became An Asian BootLeg! He Attempted to Rape, Murder Hack and Slash. Anyone with the words "Dragons" "Chans" "Gamergals" "Sans" and even Blame stuff to the Jewish Community. Obviously, He Dyed his Hair Black! Pretending to be Sani-Chan! In Real Life, He was a Poser Who always like to Underestimate People and Lies his way out of Society! NO ONE WANTED HIM TO make Flash Animations!

He was a Psychotic, Slowpoke, and a Empty-minded Pervert and everyone knew that He hacked ZimDragonlord's Facebook threatened about 20% of Zim's Friends and yet He was Responsible because He always mentioned about "Georgia Perimeter College" he used Racial Slurs in Court and his Sick mother said "he is number 1 unlike ZDL because Zim's Computer Crash, Okay!" Everyone in the Court was Offended esspecially Rina! They Argued for about half an Hour and Yet He lost the Case because of the fact that He forced ZDL to "CreepyPasta" The Game that Rina started in which is the most interesting  game in the Market SkullGirls! ZDL knew that He was a Sick guy because all He reads is a Deadly book called "Catcher in the Rye!" The book that was Responsible for Brainwashing! Obviously, ZDL Stopped Hanging out with him because He felt as if It's not Healthy, Logical or even Safe to talk to that Sick International Thief!

Caught by the FBI[]

He was Ignorant and He was Caught in Gwinnett County Library, Doing something really Innappropriate to 12-17 year olds. Nowadays, That's illegal and He was Charged.. His Gang members laughed at him and He's officially a Criminal! He lost his job, No more PSN, and All he can relate is one Thing: HATRED All ZDL's Friends Supported this Process and he Blocked him. Today, He's Threatening to Harm, Burn and Anyone that Stands in his way. He Hi-jacked at least 50 PSN account that had Numbers, Including ZDL somehow he Failed to Override ZDL's PSN. Evidentally,Mac  Sony & Konami Pressed Charges with him Involving Copyright, Hacking the Server, and Misconduct to the US Enforcement Law. Recently He lost his I.D. or Driver's License because He Stole 18 Cars during Halloween! He also, Lies his way out of Authorities and now He realizes that You LIE in America, You will not be Welcomed ever again. He is an Amateur, He Proclaims himself as "Sonny" However, There's NOTHING SONNY ABOUT ARSENIY! He lost all his rights and Cursed at the Twitter Community of Wondering "Why ZDL that Guy must do this to me!" His biggest Partner was Teivospy A horrible Madman that Targeted Anime Women, or women cosplays as Anime Characters. They Both were Ignorant, Thought they were Cowboys and Love to Anger people just for No Reason! 

Project: Bootleg ZDL[]

When Arseniy got Neutered by his Gang Members, He went Psychotic and Think He's "A badass, That does Rape for Fun!" This was because Teivos and Tekkidd was  Excited to Try to Hurt Rina However, Failed because The Authorities such as CIA, FBI & The Criminal Investigation came and Arrested them both. They were Aiming at ZDL because Teivos knew that That would hold ZDL's Attention and well ZDL became Stronger and Ignored Teivospy and Tekkidd's Demands. they were both Treated in a CoD CD-R that was Implanted in their Brains and Later Everyone in Rina's Party Defeated Teivos and Tekkidd. They Failed to Persist that 1447 is nowadays an illegal Form of a new Hacking Organization. Tekkidd was later Convicted and even Fox 5 and CNN Reported that "They were under Suspicious Activity, They were Back Gangloted by Brainwash Artists like Ramsey!" Arseniy failed to Meet US expectations and Lied to everyone He wasn't From UTAH, HE's FROM VoroNezh, Russia! 

MineCraft Hack and Jaxamoto Rampage[]

Obviously Jaxxy was Involved with this because The Last thing Tekkidd was Aiming at is her Moderating and Admnistrating Powers. Jaxxy Caught a Similar Computer Virus like ZDL. She was Frightened by this Unusual Activity, She called the LAPD and They realized that It's hard to catch him. ZimDragonlord knew about this Hack of Tekkitt. He Aimed at all the Moderators, Administrators, and even Players in Minecraft! ZimDragonlord Apparently tweeted the FBI & CIA About Jaxxy's Semi-Lost to Minecraft, While the Administratrors and even the CEO of Minecraft Realized that Tekkidd hacked her Belongings...

Tried to Manipulate Her Facebook in the Middle of Burbank, CA! Even Today, The FBI are searching for this Crazy Nutcase because They Somehow knew about Over-riding Video Games and Servers..... All People told ZimDragonlord outside of newgrounds was "WTF happened to my Computer!" Then ZimDragonlord Solved his Mastermind Scheme and Realized that it was Tekkidd! Also, He made Tekkitt a Hack tool that people were fooled by the PC Viruses.

Even Jaxxy's Fiance Josh Tomar even went Skeptical and somehow they all Believed in ZimDragonlord!  Luckily, Jaxamoto wasn't the Criminal it was Tekkidd. His Group Failed to hack Both of their businesses in PC Game known as Minecraft One of Jaxxy's Privileged Duty! This was the day in November 2nd 2013! ZDL realized that it all went Wrong even ZDL's Steam was Hacked and He did the right Thing and Contacted the Authorities! It was So Serious that even Dan Paladin was Notified and Both Dan and Tom was Furious towards that Ignorant, Uneducated, Smelly, Punk named Tekkidd!

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Tekkidd's EVIL Twitter!  He was Paranoid, He Raped Females who are minors and loved the Gamergal Concept! Basically, He blackmailed his way out in Court. However, We all know that his White Lies are going to be Tracked Down! He was Paranoid when the FBI first Caught him!