Tankmen is a series created by JohnnyUtah, started in 2006. It stars a Captain who is actually the new look of the Tankmen on the Newgrounds Logo, and his comrade, Steve, who looks like the old version of the Tankman on the Old Newgrounds Logo. It is mostly known for its constant "Cock Jokes" and crude humor. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world, as depicted by the background of the usual Newgrounds preloader and shows an ongoing conflict between Captain's group and a rival military group who look similar, but have points on their helmets. The series was an immediate hit and has spawned sequels and parodies.

Storylines and content

Tankmen treats war in a humorous fashion, taking constant opportunities to make the supposedly serious conflict between two armies appear as a farce. As the series has progressed it and its parodies are most known for their crude humour and, as fans have dubbed them, "cock jokes."

Tankmen also has a running joke where one of the soldier

Picture of the Tankmen

s on the protagonists' side declares "I'm going to be a dad" before a sniper kills them. In the original movie, he appears in the background, and is killed by a bullet that seems to come from nowhere. TANKMEN 1.5 tells the story of a sniper in the enemy army, who kills the future father at the end of the episode. TANKMEN .5 is a prequel, in which forces from the two armies recruit civilians, who are revealed to be the future father and sniper.

Tankmen Theme song

Tom Fulp held a contest for making a Tankmen Theme song. Episode 1.5 told everyone who had won the contest by having the winners name in the Audio Credit area. However, ironically the song has not been used in one of the episodes yet, only some parodies.[1]


Once the first episode was released there was a wide spread of parodies. An example of one of the more well-received ones can be seen here. There was also a Tankmen Parody created for Pico Day 2008 that changed the Tankmen style by actually having war going on in the video.[2]. Others examples are TANKMEN: Tankbusters and the HALOMEN series which instead of UNSC from Halo it features Tankmen.

Reception on Newgrounds

Each of the four entries in the main Tankmen series has had immediate success, with a string of awards and top scores through judgment. Together, they have over 5.7 million views on Newgrounds. All four entries have also won both the Daily Feature and Weekly Users' Choice awards, along with the original's Review Crew Pick.

Tankmen Merchandise

Tankmen Merchandise

Various T-shirts etc. are available for the Tankmen and can be seen in the Shop.

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