Why is this article not available for editing? Edit

It contains no references, it needs a little tidying up, the kind of thing I usually do and could do with standardising into a catagory of pages about the key Crews on NG according to a consensus of views. All crew pages on Wikigrounds should be subjected to the same "candidate for deletion process" that CC is currently in until we establish where we are going here.

Sorry if any of this in misinformed, I am a newcomer to WG and I want to wikidragon things into action. Best Wishes, Icedragon64 20:30, 31 August 2008 (UTC)

Suggestions for editing: Edit

1. Dailytoons are better described as 'best known' since, as you say, they anger many users 2. they are not submitted becuase it is fun to make flash, they are submitted because it is fun to submit flash and try and get it through judgement. 3. Surely the most significant thing about SS is that in creating their Dailytoons, the SS have (had?) a policy of inviting anyone to submit stuff to them, rather than just creating their own. Once Dailytoons were established enough for them to be guarenteed pasing judgement, people submitted anything they wanted to get through judgement, regardless of quality.

This article currently looks very SS pov, not very encylcopedic, which, given the well-known rivalry between crews is not good to have here, especially in a protected article. However, it does have quite a bit of info and with some good refs from NG to demonstrate the notability of SS could become a good article and a good example for Crew articles

Icedragon64 20:50, 31 August 2008 (UTC)

Suggestions for sections/info/data box? Edit

  • List of top ranking subs
  • List of top ranking authors or key admin people of SS
  • List of top awards (not including totw)

Top Uploader? Edit

Where do you get that stat from? Icedragon64 01:26, December 30, 2009 (UTC)

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